Maui Top 5

We were lucky enough to visit Maui in November 2014 as part of our US Road Trip. We stayed at The Marriott Wailea Beach Resort  for 5 nights and had an incredible time.


I wanted to share our top 5 picks of what to do on the island:

We LOVE food and rarely eat at the same place twice if we are travelling – but this place was so good we had to go back!

Three’s is a great little restaurant  just off the coastal road and serves up small plates with fantastic variety – From sushi to tacos we tried it all, and the happy hour prices made it even better!

Shaved ice is a ‘thing’ in Hawaii and Ululani was a great place to try it!

The small shop specialising in colourful shaved ice sits just off of the coastal road with incredible views from its outdoor seating area. We were lucky enough to catch an amazing sunset as we ate and found a swing on the beach close by – A magical evening….

Until Mark’s sunglasses flew off on the swing and we didn’t notice until we got back to the hotel! Luckily we went back and managed to find them in the dark buried in the sand…


If you aren’t a morning person you might find this to be a struggle but I promise it is worth it!

We woke up at around 3am to get ready and drive up to the volcano’s summit. Seeing as the weather had been so nice I didn’t consider the fact we were basically in the sky and the sun wasn’t up… it was SO cold! If you are going to do this wear layers, take blankets and wear warm shoes!

The views are incredible and you literally feel like you are on top of the world above the clouds, we watched the sunrise from the area of the national park where the tourist centre is, then drove up to the highest point once the sun was up.

On the drive back down we were lucky enough to catch a rainbow.


  1. Take a ‘Snuba’ diving trip with Pride of Maui.

Mark hadn’t done scuba diving before and limited swimming in open water so we opted for a ‘Snuba’ trip. ‘Snuba’ connects you to an air tank which floats above you at the surface but still gives you freedom to swim around as far as the rope reaches. It was a great way to feel completely at ease underwater without worrying about controlling and carrying your own air tank etc.

We got up close and personal with some turtles, coral reefs and beautiful fish whilst ‘Snuba’ diving and free snorkelling in shallower water!

The Pride of Maui were a great company and the whole trip was well worth the money!


  1. Spend an evening at Best Maui Luau.

If you are going to go to Hawaii I would recommend going to a luau.

The Best Maui Luau put on a fantastic show in a gorgeous waterfront setting. The food was buffet style and included traditional pork cooked in a pit on site, the cocktails were also incredible!



Here are some of my other favourite shots from Hawaii:


Have you visited Maui or Hawaii in general? What were your highlights? leave a comment below!


5 thoughts on “Maui Top 5

  1. Love all the Hawaiian islands andvmaui is my fave….you have some gorgeous pictures here….we were lucky enough to see whales breaching off the beach in Lahaina….a very special place

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Christine!

    Wow that is amazing! We managed to spot some dolphins during our boat trip it was so cool! We want to go back to Hawaii one day and see some of the other islands! We chose Maui as we heard it was one of the least built up islands and it definitely seemed that way!


  3. You looked like you had an amazing time! The pictures you took were beautiful, I felt like I was there with you 🙂 I have never been to Maui or Hawaii but I always wanted to go!


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