After Party Sale Haul – Jan 2017

There are 4 things I look forward too in any given year:

Christmas, my birthday, going away on vacation…. and The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sales!

This was my first time shopping the winter sale, for the last few years i’ve only managed to shop the August sale. This year the sale took place on Thursday 5th January, which happened to be 3 days before my birthday… aka the ‘Treat Yo Self’ mindset was in full swing!


Lilly sales are well known for being popular… They have introduced the ‘queue it’ system now, which puts shoppers into a virtual line to avoid crashing the website. This is a great idea. In theory..

The system didn’t exactly go to plan and thousands of Lilly ladies were left trying to get into the sale for hours! Because of the time difference I have an advantage in that I can be poised and ready to shop on my lunch break rather than getting up mega early to prepare. Unfortunately that didn’t even save me this time with the main Lilly website not letting me enter the sale until around 5 hours after it had started! šŸ˜¦

However… That didn’t stop me.

With the help of my lovely friend AbigailĀ andĀ Palm Avenue SavannahĀ I was able to score some INCREDIBLE deals!


Palm avenue ran a 75% off sale items promotion so I made out like a bandit – I don’t think I saw a higher percentage off anywhere else for this sale!

So what did I get?!

Compared to the summer sales my purchases were quite tame!

When I finally got onto I got this Island Time Ida Top for under $30

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 18.24.21
Then from Palm Avenue I scored the following items for under $200 total with tax… that’s less than just one dress full price!

Bay Dress in ‘Play that Trunky Music’

Lela Dress in ‘Psychadellic Sunshine’

I really regretted not getting this when I went to Palm Avenue in person back in November – luckily it was still available in the sale!

You can get your own beautiful Oyster shell necklace from Shello Dahling on Instagram! The lovely Emily designs and creates a whole range of stunning jewelry out of Savannah, GA.

Enna top in ‘Uptown Trunk’

Almeria Top in ‘Hanging with Fronds’

Sunglasses case in ‘Shrimply Chic’

Alanna Top in ‘Magenta Tons of Fun’


I can’t wait to style all my new goodies from the sale in the summer – being in The UK I always have to get creative with styling and more summery pieces have to be saved for warmer weather!

What are your personal tips for shopping the Lilly Pulitzer sales and what are your favourite signature stores? Leave a comment below!


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