Lush ‘Strawberry Feels Forever’ & ‘Rose Jam’ Review


Once I find something I like I tend to get a tiny bit (read: very) obsessed with it. My latest love affair is with Lush Cosmetics. I work very close to the Oxford Street Flagship Store and found myself wandering in last week having opened the ‘Snow Fairy’ gift box Mark got me for Christmas and wanting to know more about the brand and range of products.

I grew up around Lush, my Aunt Tracy used to love it when I was a little girl and I remember buying the odd bath bomb when I was little because I thought it was cool and grown up, but then as time went on skincare and cosmetics didn’t make it that high on my ‘need to buy’ list whenever I had some spare cash. Now at the grand old age of 26, working 9-5 and needing to unwind at weekends during cozy nights in I found myself intrigued by not just the products but the brand.

I enjoy companies with a ‘cult’ following online and on social media, and often find myself suckered into the culture of not wanting to miss out, keeping up with the latest products and taking part in crazy once or twice a year sales! With a little more research I discovered Lush is one of those companies. Facebook groups, blogs, Instagram hashtags and dedicated accounts from ‘Lushies’ all over the world… This culture coupled with the bright, colourful products seemed the perfect fit for me.

The first two products I went for were the ‘Rose Jam’ Bubble Bar and ‘Strawberry Feels Forever’ Massage Bar. Those who follow my Instagram will know I have a ‘Thing’ for Strawberries, (This actually comes from Aunt Tracy’s influence too!) so that made my decision on the massage bar easy… The ‘Rose Jam’ bubble bar had been recommended to me – Plus it’s pink and sparkly so was a no-brainer!

Rose Jam Bubble Bar Review

As you can see the Rose Jam Bubble Bar is pretty big, it’s shaped like a macaroon so can easily be crumbled into smaller parts. I only used the bottom layer for this bath and am planning on splitting the remaining part in half again.

The bar is easy to break up, I just used my fingers to pull of flakes of the bar into the running water from the tap. The bar is very Bright pink, so beware of crumbling it into crevices of your bathroom which might get forgotten about when cleaning! I think the pink could stain.

As the bar is crumbled under the water it produces lots of bubbles very quickly and begins to turn the water pink. As I only used 1/3 of the bubble bar the water wasn’t too bright, but I imagine if you used it all the water would turn a very hot pink! There is also some glitter in the bar so the water does end up with some shimmer to it.

Scent wise it was very sweet, it reminded me of candy floss or sweets themselves, you can tell it has the rose flavour in it for sure – I love Turkish Delight so rose smells remind me of that! I did enjoy the scent but it was quite sickly – my favourite smells are fresh, citrus-y notes and this was definitely on the heavier side!

Over all I think the bubble bars are a great alternative to bubble bath itself – they foam up just as much and the scent is much stronger, not to mention the pretty water and the benefits of the essential oils within the bars. I would buy rose Jam again but am keen to try out some fresher flavours in other bars!

‘Strawberry Feels Forever’ Massage Bar Review: 

I wasn’t too sure what a massage bar was when I bought this… I just loved the fact it was a strawberry! It feels and looks like a rich soap, kind of waxy on the outside and solid, not crumbly.

Turns out the Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar is a rich moisturiser in the form of a bar, despite looking like a soap DO NOT use it in the water! When you get it wet (and warm) it softens very quickly and will melt. Instead you should warm it in your hands and then rub onto your  body. You don’t need tonnes because it is very rich as it rubs into your skin.

It is very rich and almost oily when you rub it in. I got some on my face and I wouldn’t recommend this, especially if you are prone to acne or have oily skin anyway! It was great for the tops of my arms, which I often find to be dry, legs and shoulders but I would avoid putting it anywhere that is prone to excess oil in the future!

The smell was very rich and creamy- it smelt of strawberries and white chocolate / cocoa butter. The smell stuck to your skin as it continued to sink in and I could still smell it a little the morning after.


Overall I am interested to try some other massage bars, I enjoyed the experience, the moisture and the small but did find this one to be a little bit too oily! I’ve got a few noticeable spots on my face today (the day after I used the massage bar) and I don’t know if that was the ingredients drawing impurity out or the bar causing a breakout! I loved the look and smell of this bar and think it will last for quite a while!

I hope this review was helpful to anyone thinking about trying Lush! I can’t wait to get more involved with the lush community on social media and test out more products!

If anyone has any recommendations of what to try next I would love to hear about them, please leave a comment on this post!


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