Charli, 26, Kent, England.

Travel. Adventures. Family. Old friends. New people. Fashion. Food. Love. Life.


But what is #TheBrightLife …?

I’ve been lucky enough to have studied, worked, volunteered, travelled and lived in some amazing places across the world- Now I’m back living (and adulting!) in the U.K. Life sometimes seems underwhelming.

#TheBrightLife is my way of finding colour, happiness and joy in everyday life.

Social media is never the whole picture, real life isn’t filtered and my new day to day may not be as exciting as my past experiences. Finding ‘Brightness’ in the ordinary reminds me how lucky I am to have experienced so much of the world already, and that there is always room for new adventures.

‘It is never too late to be who you might have been’

… and it is never too late to see positivity in the life you’re living.

This is the blog of a 20 something, colour loving, wanderlusting, adventure seeking girl, sharing her experience of this beautiful thing called life.


– Charli